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:HPA: Yukino Miyano by ShadowExiladia :HPA: Yukino Miyano by ShadowExiladia
For :iconhopespeakacademy:

Name :: Miyano, Yukino (宮野雪乃)
Nicknames :: Miyo, Yuki
Age :: 18
Height :: 6’1’’
Weight :: 164 lbs.
Gender :: Male
DOB :: July 15

SHSL :: Therapist
Ever since he was young, Miyano always found himself fascinated by the medical, and especially psychological part of industry. However, after the death of his older brother, Miyano came to the conclusion of particularly following the path of a therapist, seeing that he could assist people pre-hand or during their hardships, instead of possibly continuing to experience the dread afterwards.

During earlier high school years, he studied and qualified well as a practitioner, often having pushed himself to take after-school graduate courses. With time, tiresome efforts paid off, and he continued further by even supervising in clinical experiences. Because of his willingness and determination, Miyano proved to be an understanding, educated man in this field, his way of work gradually becoming public and widely known.

Though he specializes generally in therapy, Miyano usually finds it easier treating patients psychologically rather than medically. Reasonably, this may circulate around the fact that he finds it much more of a challenge and that it allows himself to understand the patient more, seeing that communicative and in-depth familiarity is needed.

Ethnicity/Home :: Japanese-Chinese / China (Currently Japan)
Extra Features ::
• Short pink hair that covers his left eye and curves around his face
• Narrow, light hazel eyes
• Multiple ear piercings
• Toned body structure
Weapon :: N/A

Personality ::
Despite having a ‘girl’ name, Miyano is a very outgoing, calculative student, entitled with Super High School Level Therapist. He has shown himself to be quite levelheaded in terms of popularity, often having attracted a small group then and now to tend to, medical and ‘therapy’-wise during his normal schooling. While he often appears to act bright, he also is quite intelligent, having deduced plans on how to stop fights between other students and knowing many subjects towards health care. Generally, many of his tatics are usually quite bold and take larger measures.

While he generally acts kind towards others, he also can be quite possessive and cruel, as he sees certain people as someone who can ‘change’ and become an ideal person, causing him to become distrusting and judging towards others who get near them. This possibly may have evolved from his multiple interacting with certain patients during his 'career'. However, this is usually kept as an inner feeling and is rarely shown physically, as he still values the fates of others. Overall, they are important figures in Miyano’s life, even though he barely declares out loud on being so.

Despite his calm and optimistic attitude, Miyano has been mentally conflicted by the death of his brother, Akira, who was the leader of a band of delinquents and also a major gang. While still living elsewhere, he suffered a major injury after saving a friend from a car accident. Not wanting the other gangs around to find out, Akira was brought home by other members, in hopes of his parents being able to help him. Sadly, neither of them was there at the time, with the exception of Miyano, who didn’t know much medical care at the time. His brother died shortly after from the immense injuries, and with the parent’s knowledge, they moved away in order to ‘start over’ and to prevent further danger, putting the boy in yet another high school. Because of these events, Miyano has begun to strive forwards and become a therapist, especially by learning as much medical things as he can, in order to save other lives in acknowledgement of his brother’s. He is also strongly motivated to help others as much as possible.

Likes ::
♥ Listening to music || Friendship || Yoga || || Individuality || Tending to animals/plants || Medicine (especially associating in Chinese arts) || Learning about other cultures

Dislikes ::
✖ Tasteless food || Loud noises || Bullying || Exclusion of others || Painful sights || Gossip || Gambling || Unfamiliarity || Being ‘mistaken’ as a girl

Additional Info ::

• Despite Miyano’s actual/first name being Yukino, he often prefers to be called by his last name, Miyano. Reasonably, many people have been calling him this a majority of his life, most likely to avoid the view of ‘making fun of him’ or unmeant harassment.
• During his free-time, Miyano often will read all sorts of literature, even if they’re in a different language. The reasoning behind this may circulate around the fact that it fascinates him to know such unique and different things (including items/methods which may help in therapy), along with the fact that it ‘exercises’ the mind. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he is multi-lingual by creative writing, he only can speak three languages fluently, two being based from his parents (Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), English).
• Accordingly, Miyano’s rather taller than usual height for his age is genetic, in terms of family-wise. He often found this fact as yet another trouble during regular school, being that he’d been growing quickly ever since he was a young child, and typically towered uncomfortably over many of the students at his school. After taking up therapy and acknowledging others experiences, he managed to cope with this fact a bit more.
• Seiyuu: Mizushima Takahiro {Click}

Before Transfer/Current:
+ Faded bruises and cut marks
+ Small cut marks on his fingers from practicing with medical equipment

Current Occupation: Student, Therapist
Birthplace: Hong Kong

Favorite Color(s): Black, Pink
Favorite Music: Rock, Pop, A bit of Metal
Hobbies: Nursing/Training in medical practices, playing the piano
Favorite Snack: Tarts
Favorite Food: Apple pie

• “Aren’t we all the same inside?”
• “That smile…you must never forget.”
• “The sweetness and love you once had can still return. You still have the ability to change.”
• “If you’re going to put on a show of horror…I must apologize, but I’d need to leave.”
• “When you’re in pain, it’s natural that you’d look to someone else who is in even more distress…”
• “The world we live in may have many hardships, but remember, there are still beings who cherish you, and are willing to guide you through the journey.”

History/Family ::


Born as Yukino Miyano, he grew up in Japan alongside his family, consisting of his father, mother, and older brother, Akira Miyano. Before the time of his birth, both of his parents had already heavily ‘decided’ that their second child was going to be a girl, to the point in which they demanded the doctors to not tell them otherwise. Entirely wrapped around this thought, they prepared the child’s room beforehand, making it entirely stereotypically fitting for a girl (e.g. light pink wallpaper, frilly clothing/items, toy dolls, stuffed animals, etc.), and told many friends. This obsession even went as far as naming the unborn baby beforehand, giving it the name ‘Yukino.’ However, this entire hope was shattered when Yukino finally was born, shockingly as a boy. Being that they prepared for having a girl so much, his mother and father psychologically refused to believe that they had another son; keeping everything as it was in place and bringing him up as a ‘girl’.

During a majority of his childhood, he found himself greatly coddled – his parents buying most things that he wanted, his relatives giving him much attention, and so forth. Strangely enough during childhood, he began to become rather sceptical with the fact how his brother wasn’t around so often; then again, the older sibling wasn’t on very good terms with the parents anyhow, usually arguing and shutting himself off from them. Elementary school life provided a larger window to this, greatly shocking him with how other children mocked his name ‘Yukino’ along with his lofty height. This provoked Miyano, being that he was not used to this kind of attitude towards him, and confusingly withheld himself from interacting a lot with other kids. Still shaky, he began to seek the aid of his older brother, who at the time was twelve and attending the same school as him. At this time, he was also introduced to his brother’s ‘friends’, which seemingly didn’t fall underneath good lengths with their parents either and were felonious. This provoked his Akira, who found Miyano to be one of the more closely affectionate and caring people towards him, and craved him to ‘teach those kids a lesson.’ Of course, Miyano declined for his brother to do such a thing, seeing that one or the other sibling would have to suffer consequences.

Deeply attached to his brother, Akira decisively chose to not listen, and along with fellow acquaintances, aggressively met the child’s classmates. As such, Miyano’s expectations of the clashing proved true, and Akira was suspended for a couple of months from school for child harassment. Ultimately, Miyano was also found out for the name-calling, and soon was changeably called his last name, Miyano, during school hours and upon request. When things just had managed to look like they were solving up, the word of this got to Miyano’s parents, both who worked busily as medical assistants without much interaction with their children, and immediately requested for Miyano to be temporarily home schooled in the time being. They feared that from the passing event, the young child would be even further mocked and strive to be like his brother.

Consequently, Miyano actually managed to regain his self-confidence and grow much more intelligent in this time, being that others weren’t really around to pressure him and such. He also grew fond of medical studies, despite the fact that he was still in childhood; and spent his free time trying to learn simple arts, in hopes of impressing his parents along. However, as time passed, he did become unsteady about the fact how his brother was rarely seen nowadays, especially given the fact that he hung around a bunch of delinquents. His parents already greatly discouraged Akira, even as their own offspring at this point, and had little hopes for him. Thus, Miyano decided to check school at one point, being that it was way past the point in which Akira could return to his regular education, though found out that he hadn’t been attending class during most times, and when he did, arrived in an unusual state. After convincing some of his older brother’s classmates, they managed to seek out and eventually corner the boy around the poorer parts. Apparently, Akira had found a place of belonging on his own, and even started to build up his own group of gangsters. Akira promised that he wouldn’t be in much harm, and nor for his brother to worry about him – basically, this was the life he wanted to live. After much oppression, Akira triumphed over his brother and the group left unwillingly, having already confirmed the boy’s existence.

Initially, things from hereon began running smoothly once more; Miyano’s parents finally allowing him to enter public schooling once again once, the relationships between classmates became less harsh, and before long, time of elementary graduation. However, an unintentional accident took place shortly afterwards – consisting of Akira getting mortally wounded after saving a friend from a car accident. During this time, the older brother was brought back to his actual home by fellow gang members upon request; hoping that his parents would be around to aid him. To him, it would be far too risky to go to the hospital, seeing that the opposing gangs may attack his friends upon information. Desolately, only Miyano was home at the time and upon seeing his brother, became alarmed. The younger child didn’t know much about medical practices at the time, and despite his efforts, Akira died from the immense injuries. Without surprise, his parents didn’t take this matter well, holding the funeral in demise along with the older sibling’s friends, having actually come together for once. Miyano was devastated along, no longer having someone to lean upon, and eventually, the entire family just moved away to Japan in order to ‘start over.’

From hereon, Miyano’s life became a huge turning point, and he decided upon specifically becoming a therapist in name of his brother; spending much of his early high school life working and practicing in the particular field. He even took this to the point of going to after-school graduate courses and nightly researching. Though exhausted and tired over time, these efforts eventually did pay off – the adolescent having grown quite intellectual and co-operating over time. He further made his abilities public by suggested travelling, which he eventually persuaded his parents to allow him to do so, and allowed him to gain more knowledge and experience. On the downside, he did often transfer high schools multiple times because of this, taking away his part of making stable new friends, though did expose him to different environments and people. He also learned how to read/write even a tad bit of many languages, being that he had to go to foreign countries and advise people there therapy-wise. Through this way, he was gradually publicized, and along with hard, dedicated work, proved himself worthy of his position.

In time, he was given an invitation addressed towards the subject of ‘Hope’s Peak Academy’ while he was returning to Japan, which greatly indulged the boy. Though he was tentative, he found the idea of meeting and acknowledging other people fascinating. Respectably, he accepted the incitement with gradual reflection.

Occupation: Medical Assistant
Ethnicity/Race: Japanese
Known Status: Alive

Occupation: Medical Assistant/Factory Employee
Ethnicity/Race: Chinese
Known Status: Alive

Older Brother: Akira Miyano
Occupation: Student, Delinquent/Gang Leader
Ethnicity/Race: Japanese-Chinese
Known Status: Deceased

RP Sample ::

Script Form

Miyano: *lets out a short sigh, playing with the ends of his hair as he watches the scene go on* (hesitantly) If you’re going to put on a show of horror…I must apologize, but I’d need to leave. *finishes off his sentence with yet another sigh, smiling thinly as he looks back and forth at the others calmly* There are better things we can do instead, after all.

Paragraph Form

Miyano wandered through the almost empty hallways, lightly dragging his hand across the wall. His footsteps almost seemed to echo in this vast environment, didn’t they? Anyhow, he continued on his way, walking on and on for until what seemed like forever. Hope’s Peak Academy – the words lingered on the edge of his tongue, waiting to be said. “How fascinating,” the pink-haired man barely whispered, drawing the very same hand away to put a finger on his lip. Before him stood bars, horizontally placed in a row, blocking off the next area for viewing. Yet, his expression remained almost unchanged, though one could probably sense his slight aura of captivation in the air. So this is what Monobear meant…

Roleplay Information
Timezone: Pacific Time Zone
Activity: I’m usually busy during weekdays due to schooling, though I’m free a lot on weekends ;v;;
Method: I’m fine with both script and paragraph.
Where/How: Skype, deviantArt notes, comments, chatroom, and/or e-mail.
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KerstinSibylle Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Aaahhh, what a nice character~
His background is really touching, and the fact that 
he chose to be a therapist because of his brother is really sweet. 
Ad to top it all off your art is so pretty, and his personality is basically perf, omf.

If you don't mind me asking, hopefully we can RP sometime?
Dark7Hero Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013 so....perfect....
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